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Aftermarket & OEM Coolant

Most modern internal combustion engines are known as water-cooled or liquid-cooled motors as opposed to air-cooled. Water-cooled engines rely on coolant to circulate through the engine to prevent the vehicle from overheating. Overheating can cause the engine to stall preventing driving and worse can cause severe damage to the drivetrain components which may result in very expensive repairs. Modern cars often have gauges and warning lights to let you know the amount of fluid in your vehicle but you may want to check it often to make sure that it is OK. It is a good idea to carry a jug of cooling fluid or anti-freeze in your vehicle if you should need it while out on the road.

Refilling the coolant in most cars and trucks is easy and can be done by a novice. Some vehicles may have a bottle or reservoir that is difficult to access but usually it can be found right under the hood. Be sure to have plenty of light and the correct fluid for your vehicle. Also it is very important that the engine has cooled down. Locate the cap under the hood. Check the owner's manual if you have difficulty finding the cap. Remove the cap and pour the coolant directly into the reservoir. There is a fill line located on the side so fill it up to that line but do not go over. If possible, check the cap and reservoir for leaks. If there are not any, then you are good to go with fresh fluids in your car.

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