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The Chevrolet Cooling Fan Assembly has replaced the older style of fan that was mounted to the pulley on the front of the water pump. The older style of fan was powered by the centrifugal movement of the drive belt system. The modern cooling fan is powered by an electrical motor that in time will faultier like all electrical components are known to do on your Chevrolet.

The reason for the cooling fan to be incorporated into the design of your engine is so that when the vehicle is running, but not moving, air will still be drawn into the radiator on your Chevrolet so the heat can be dispersed from the hot coolant that is flowing through it. If your cooling fan fails for any reason, the engine will overheat when you are slowed down in traffic or the vehicle is allowed to sit still while running. This condition will then damage other engine compartment components vastly increasing the cost of repairing your vehicle.

To remove the cooling fan can be accomplished by the owner of the vehicle with a simple set of tools. Generally the only other engine compartment component that will also have to be removed is the radiator shroud. The battery should also be disconnected to remove any possibility of an electrical shock occurring to the person making the repairs on your Chevrolet.

To test the Chevrolet cooling fan the vehicle's engine must be started up and allowed to warm up. By touching the upper radiator hose the inspector can know when the thermostat is open because they can feel the hot coolant traveling through it. This is when the fan will activate. When the engine is cool, the fan will not be operating. If the fan does not switch on when the engine is hot, it is faulty and can be tested with a volt meter.