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The new style of Ford cooling fan assembly has the same purpose as the older style, but the power source for the turning of the fan blade is different. No longer is the fan connected to the shaft of the water pump on your engine. The new style of cooling fan assembly is powered by an electrical motor on the newer models of Ford vehicles. As with all electrical components, this fan motor will wear out in time requiring replacement. What a Ford owner should know is that the cooling fan assembly is not always on when the engine is running. The engine's temperature has to reach a certain level before the relay switches on and the fan engages. To test this electrical component the owner of the vehicle should start their engine and let it run while it is parked. By watching the temperature gauge to make sure the engine does not overheat, the owner should wait for the cooling fan assembly to engage. Do not let the engine overheat while doing this. If the temperature begins to rise sufficiently and the Ford cooling fan assembly does not engage, the motor should be turned off to protect it from excessive heat. If there is power to the fan's motor but it does not engage then replacement is warranted. The owner can also directly wire the motor to the battery to test this component for testing purposes only. The cooling fan assembly must be working so air can be drawn over the fins in the radiator when the Ford vehicle is going slow or standing still in traffic. If there is a malfunction in this component, the engine could overheat causing severe damage to it.