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GMC 350-27 Cooling Fan Assembly

Why you drive your 350-27.

Select Your VehicleWhen your GMC 350-27 was born, it was destined for a driver who values trusted quality in their automobile. Your GMC dealership isn't the only place to locate the highest quality replacement parts for your 350-27. It's not all the time that you find yourself in need of a replacement Cooling Fan Assembly for your vehicle. Anyone who operates a GMC knows that when it comes to fixing their automobile only the highest quality replacement parts will do.

The function and purpose of Cooling Fan Assembly.

Keeping your GMC 350-27 engine cool during regular operation is the job of several components, and like a house of cards when one goes down they all fail. A very important one is the cooling fan assembly, and it will kick on after a temperature sensor detects the coolant is getting too hot. You might notice your GMC 350-27 cooling fan assembly usually turns on when you are stopped or driving slowly; this is because there is not enough airflow into the radiator to lower the coolant temperature. As the cooling fan pulls air through the metal fins of your radiator, the coolant inside the core loses its heat and then exits out the lower radiator hose and goes back to the engine.

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