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Acura CV Axle Shaft

Half of the CV joint is the Acura CV Axle Shaft which connects the power from the transmission to the wheel assembly. This is how your Acura is supplied with power to move down the road. When properly lubricated, the CV axle shaft can last the lifetime on your vehicle.

What can limit the life expectancy of your CV axle shaft on your Acura is when the CV boot is damaged. This is the polymer cover of the CV joint that holds the ball bearing grease in place so the CV joint is constantly lubricated. This is why during the routine inspection of your Acura the CV boot should be included.

When the Acura CV axle shaft begins to wear, the driver will become aware of it immediately. Every time the vehicle is put into gear, the CV axle shaft will bang into the other U-joint in the CV joint. This sound is unmistakable and a cause for alarm to the driver to get this component repaired as soon as possible. As the wear increases, the same knocking sound can be heard when the vehicle is being maneuvered around an object in the road or around a corner.

If the wear is so great the CV axle shaft breaks, the damage to the other components in the wheel assembly will be extensive dramatically increasing the cost of the repairs in both part and labor. If the repairs are done before this drive component breaks, it will still require the front wheel assembly to be dismantled, but the time required will be reduced. This repair procedure can be accomplished by the owner of the vehicle if they have the correct tools including a spring depressor for the MacPherson strut that will also have to be removed.

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