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Buick CV Axle Shaft

The Buick CV Axle Shaft is how the power from your engine is transferred to the front wheels so your vehicle can move down the road. This is the input half of the CV joint that is covered by the polymer CV boot on your front wheel drive Buick.

If the Buick CV axle shaft is properly greased throughout its life time, it will last for as long as the vehicle is on the road. It receives constant lubrication from the grease that is packed around it. The grease is held in place on the CV axle shaft by being covered with the CV boot. In time the CV boot will develop a crack or split in it. This will expose the CV axle shaft to the outside elements. If noticed when the tear or crack is small, no damage will occur to the components of the CV joint mounted on your vehicle. If this situation goes unnoticed for a period of time, the force being applied to the CV axle shaft from the engine will cause excessive wear to begin on the CV joint. The driver of the Buick will become aware of this when they hear a clunking or banging sound coming from the front wheel assembly when they engage the drive unit of their vehicle.

When the clunking sound can be heard coming from the front wheel assembly when the vehicle is going around the corner, the damage to the CV axle shaft is extensive. This drive component on your Buick will have to be replaced in a very short allotment of time or you will experience total drive failure incapacitating the vehicle where it occurs.

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