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Chevrolet CV Axle Shaft

The use of a Chevrolet CV axle shaft is not only on front wheel drive vehicles but also those with rear wheel drive and an independent rear suspension. This CV axle shaft is designed to transfer the power of the engine from the differential to the wheels at multiple angles. The reason there is a need for the drive unit of the car to be able to handle multiple angels is because the wheel is moving due to the type of suspension being used on your Chevrolet. Most car owners know of them since the introduction of front wheel drive cars to the American market. There will only be two CV axle shafts on your Chevrolet unless you have 4 wheel independent suspension and it is 4 wheel drive car. The leading reason for the replacement of the Chevrolet CV axle shaft is because the U joints that make up the multiangular drive portion of this part has excessive wear. The wear is generally caused by a tear in the CV boot that is supposed to keep grease in this joint. If the CV boot is torn or ripped, moisture also enters this confined space and damages the CV axle shaft causes premature wearing of the part. When this occurs a driver will be able to hear a knocking sound when power is first applied to the wheels. This is an indication that excessive play is in the U-joints of this part and replacement is required. Another indication that the boot is ripped and grease is no longer present is sufficient amount in your CV axle shaft on your Chevrolet is when cornering and that same knocking sound is emanating from the wheels. When this part is replaced on one side, the other side should have the CV boot inspected to make sure its integrity is still intact.

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