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Chrysler CV Axle Shaft

It is the ability of the Chrysler CV Axle Shaft to provide flexibility in the drive train so the propulsion of the vehicle to be created from the front wheel assemblies. The CV axle shaft is connected to the wheel assembly and receives its power from the engine through the CV joint.

There is a CV axle shaft on each of the front wheel assemblies of front wheel drive vehicles made by Chrysler. The CV joint that connects them to the power train is covered by a CV boot. This is a polymer component in the drive train that contains the ball bearing grease used to lubricate the U-joints of the CV joints. If for any reason this polymer CV boot is damaged, it has to be replaced in the shortest allotment of time so damage to the CV axle shaft does not occur.

The owner of the Chrysler will become aware of a problem with the CV axle shaft if they hear a knocking noise coming from the front wheel assembly when they are maneuvering the vehicle in traffic. This same noise can also be heard when the Chrysler is placed into drive gear. This knocking noise is the direct contact being made in the U-joints of the CV joint. The loader the noise, the greater the distance the different U-joints have to travel before they engage one another. If this situation persists, the U-joints will eventual break causing massive damage to the drive train in the wheel assembly.

This is why the replacement of the CV boot is highly recommended before damage to the Chrysler CV axle shaft occurs. Not only will be safer for the occupants of the vehicle, but a less expensive repair for the owner of the vehicle.

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