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Dodge CV Axle Shaft

It is the introduction of the Dodge CV axle shaft that now makes it possible for drive axles to be used on any wheel with an independent suspension. This can be on either the front or rear of the vehicle, but is more widely known for front wheel driven cars by owners. The CV axle shaft is the component on your Dodge that will wear out if the CV boot is torn and the grease it contains is allowed to escape. This will cause wear and stress to occur in the U joints of this part. The CV axle shaft is used so the wheel it is attached to can travel in all directions with the independent suspension system while still maintaining direct contact with the drive train. It is because of this movement of the wheel that changes the angle in which the CV axle shaft travels for it to be greased at all time, unlike the old type of U-joints in a standard Dodge drive train which has no up or down movement. The beginning of wear on the Dodge CV axle shaft can be heard most evidently when cornering the vehicle. A loud knocking sound will be generated from the front wheel. If this metal on metal, U-joint to CV joint grinding noise is allowed to persist, then damage to surrounding components could result when the CV joint fails. The replacement of the CV axle shaft is not a simple procedure, but can be done by a Dodge owner if they have the required tools and mechanical aptitude. The procedure involves removing the suspension components of the wheel including the MacPherson strut on front wheel drive cars.

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