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Ford CV Axle Shaft

The Ford CV axle shaft is the drive train component most commonly equipped on vehicles with their drive wheels linked to an independent suspension. These parts are located directly behind the drive wheels (between the hub and the differential) and should be sealed with a polymer CV boot. It is the CV boot that protects the CV axle shaft from excessive wear on your Ford. This polymer boot holds grease in so the knuckles of this drive component are constantly lubricated. If this CV boot becomes torn or ripped for any reason is has to be replaced or the CV axle shaft will wear and require replacement. The driver will become aware that there is a problem with their Ford CV axle shaft when they are cornering and a thumping sound begins to emanate from the wheel. This sound is play or wear in the knuckles or U-joints of the CV axle shaft. When that is heard, it is too late for the just the CV boot to be replaced and the entire component now requires replacement on the Ford vehicle. If a worn CV axle shaft is left unaddressed for too long of a period, it could snap. This would do damage to the suspension parts in that area of your Ford and the transmission making the repair cost soar upwards. If this occurs when the vehicle is in motion, the wheel where this drive component is attached to could lock up and send the car into a spin causing an accident. Because of the complexity of replacing this drive component, most owners have this repair job accomplished at a repair shop. While it is possible to do at home, knowledge of how to properly disassemble parts of the suspension system is required.

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