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Honda CV Axle Shaft

The drive from the Honda CV axle shaft is what propels your vehicle forward down the road. This is the mechanism that connects the transmission or transaxle to the wheel hubs on your Honda so the vehicle will be able to move. The CV axle shaft is located just behind the wheel assembly. The end of this shaft can be seen poking through the brake disc. With the wheel removed, the U-joints or knuckle of this drive component cannot be seen because they should be covered by the CV boot. If you can see the knuckle through a torn CV boot, then you know you have a problem. It is the boot that covers the Honda CV axle shaft which holds in the grease so it can be lubricated and reduce the wear on this component. If the torn CV boot is not replaced when it first become damaged, then the CV axle shaft will be damaged and in need of replacing on your Honda. The Honda owner will know there is a problem with their CV axle shaft when they hear a clanking noise when they are maneuvering or cornering their vehicle. When the damage to the CV axle shaft is severe, the driver will also be able to hear a clanking noise when the vehicle is being placed into a drive gear. If this drive component becomes worn to the point that the knuckle breaks, damage to the shaft and also the surrounding suspension components in the area of the front wheel will occur. This will dramatically increase the price the owner will have to pay so their vehicle will be able to function properly again.

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