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Hyundai CV Axle Shaft

It is the Hyundai CV axle shafts on the front wheels that provide the connection of power from the engine to the wheels. This drive component makes it possible for the front wheels to have independent suspension and still be supplied with power. They are usually made up of special double-cardan or Rzeppa joints covered with a polymer boot. The wearing out of a Hyundai CV axle shaft is apparent when the driver hears a clanking noise when the vehicle is shifted into gear or when going around a corner. The noise is generated by the play in the U-joints of the CV axle shaft. The cause for this condition is the grease that covers the CV axle shaft must no longer be present. The only way this can occur is if the CV boot has a tear in it allowing for the grease to escape on your Hyundai. A visual inspection of the CV axle shaft by the owner is easy to accomplish. By just turning the wheel of your Hyundai to one side, the CV boot can be seen and inspected. If you see the CV axle shaft through a tear in the CV boot, then you know you have a problem. By the time you hear the clanking noise, just replacing the CV boot is no longer an option and the shaft will have to be replaced. This is why the CV boot should be regularly inspected before the drive component can be damaged by excessive wear. Because of the complexity of this repair job which requires the disassembling of the front suspension and the drive components, most Hyundai owners do not wish to undertake this procedure. But it is possible with the correct tools and equipment.

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