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Mitsubishi CV Axle Shaft

The power from the Mitsubishi CV Axle Shaft is what makes it possible for your vehicle to move down the road. The CV axle shaft is the drive component that is connected to the transmission on your front wheel drive Mitsubishi. It is connected to the front wheel assembly through the CV joint of which the axle shaft is half of.

The connection of the CV axle shaft and spindle shaft are covered by the CV boot. It is this polymer boot that is commonly known to Mitsubishi owners of front wheel driven vehicles. This is the drive component that holds the grease in place so the CV joint can be continuously lubricated and protected against premature wearing. If this drive component is regular inspected for tears and rips, there should be no worry about the drive system on the vehicle.

When a breach in this containment area occurs, the grease is thrown out of the CV boot and the CV axle shaft will immediately begin to wear. The driver of the vehicle will notice this because of the noises that will begin to come from the front wheel assembly. The first indication of the Mitsubishi CV axle shaft being worn is when the vehicle is shifted into drive and a banging noise is heard and felt. The second indication is a constant knocking noise emanating from the front wheel assembly when the Mitsubishi is maneuvering or going around a corner.

Both of those noises is from wear on the CX axle shaft where it has to move before engaging the other half of the CV joint of the drive system. When this is present, the expense of the repair is considerably more than what it would have cost to just replace the CV boot.

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