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Oldsmobile CV Axle Shaft

It is the connection of the Oldsmobile CV Axle Shaft to the CV spindle shaft that makes it possible for the forward propulsion of your vehicle to be a reality. The CV axle shaft is the supply side of the power to the CV joint in the front wheel assembly that provides the rotational power of the wheels to turn on your Oldsmobile.

The only portion of the CV axle shafts that can be seen is the axle portion before it is covered by the CV boot. This is the polymer cover that protects the joint of the Oldsmobile CV axle shaft and the CV spindle shaft. The CV boot is in place on your Oldsmobile to encase this junction with ball bearing grease. This lubrication is in place to prevent the premature wearing of this joint so it can function and withstand the extreme stresses the engine of your vehicle places on this CV joint.

As part of a routine inspection of your vehicle, the CV boot should be observed. If there are any cracks, tears or rips in it, replacement is highly recommended. This flexible cover must remain intact so the grease it contains will remain in place around your CV axle shaft and the CV spindle shaft. If the CV boot is allowed to remain in place after its seal has broken, the premature wearing of the CV joint will commence immediately. The owner of the Oldsmobile will know this has occurred by the knocking sound the front wheel assembly will be making when the vehicle is turning around a corner. The CV axle shaft will also make a banging noise against the CV spindle shaft when the vehicle is placed into gear when wear in present in this drive junction.

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