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Pontiac CV Axle Shaft

The use of the Pontiac CV axle shaft in the drive train of your vehicle is how the power is being supplied to the drive wheels with independent suspensions. This type of drive system provides for the flexibility required to power the wheels and still permit them to travel independently and/or turn the vehicle when it is in motion. The end of the Pontiac CV axle shaft is not visible upon an inspection unless the CV boot is torn or has a hole in it. The CV boot is used to contain grease around the end of the CV axle shaft of your Pontiac to keep it heavily lubricated at all times. When the CV boot is torn and grease is allowed to leave this enclosed area, the force that is exerted on the CV axle shaft and the components it is connected to from the drive system is intense. This creates an increased level of friction which in turn causes the drive components to wear down prematurely when your Pontiac is in motion. The driver will become aware there is a problem with their CV axle shaft when they place their vehicle into gear and hear a bang. This is a loose connection of the knuckle of the CV joint at the end of the CV axle shaft. Once this noise is heard, it is too late for the owner of the Pontiac to just replace the CV boot; the entire shaft will then have to be replaced. If that is not done in a timely manner, the knuckle will eventually fail, damaging all of the components in the wheel assembly. If is happens when the vehicle is in motion, loss of control over the direction of the vehicle will instantly occur.