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Volkswagen CV Axle Shaft

The Volkswagen CV Axle Shaft is the drive shaft for the front wheel drive vehicles of this German manufacture. It is part of the auto components that are covered by the CV boot.

The force behind the CV axle shaft is the reason for the need in constant lubrication of this rotating and swiveling auto part. If the CV boot is ripped and the grease is no longer being held in place, the movement of the CV axle shaft will be sufficient for it to prematurely wear as the Volkswagen is going down the road. This is a very costly and time consuming repair if it is necessary.

The driver of the Volkswagen will know there is a problem when they place their vehicle in gear and they hear a clunking sound from the front wheel assembly. This is the movement of the CV axle shaft moving into position. Each time this sound is heard, damaging is occurring to this CV component.

To help prevent damage to your Volkswagen CV axle shaft, a periodical inspection of the CV boot should happen. This can be weekly or bi-weekly. If the CV boot is noticed to be torn and leaking grease from it, it has to be immediately replaced before damage occurs on your Volkswagen.

By the time the CV axle shaft is making the clunking sound, extensive wear is already present on the CV joint. This is not only more expensive than just replacing the CV boot, but if the damage is too extensive, it could come apart and damage other components in the front wheel assembly endangering the occupants of the vehicle when the vehicle is in motion.

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