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Pronounced "new-beer-uh", the Daewoo Nubira was the compact offering from Daewoo Motors between 1999 and 2002. Like its other siblings, the Nubira did not last long in the US due to unconventional and confusing distribution strategies. Still, it was a car that provided both value and reliability to its buyers during those few short years. Daewoo Nubira parts are somewhat hard to come by, however, since the dissolution of Daewoo in the US. After it was taken over by GM, they closed dealerships and licensed the designs to Suzuki in 2004. But thanks to their robust construction, some Daewoo Nubira's are still driving around. Fun fact: "Nubira" is derived from the Korean word "Nubida", which means to crisscross. Daewoo thought they would sell so many of these cars that they could be seen crisscrossing city streets.