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If you acknowledge a whining sound being exhibited from the differential of your car or truck, this condition may be due to a defective differential cover. This component is essential in maintain the appropriate fluid level within the housing assembly to lubricate the pinion gear and axle assemblies sufficiently. Due to the fact that this device is normally the lowest point on an automobile, they are subject to damage occasionally. They may also be adversely affected by corrosion and may even rust out due to their exposure to the elements. Early detection and timely replacement of the cover will prevent premature damage to internal components. Repair requirements due to damaged differential internal components are very expensive and frustrating and can be avoided.

A differential cover is basically an access panel to facilitate differential assembly maintenance requirements. They maintain the appropriate amount of fluid within the housing to achieve the sufficient level of lubrication to prevent damage to the ring and pinion gears. They are designed to be a removable component because they are the sole access point to the differential. They must be removed to access the ring gear, pinion gear, and the axle retaining pins. The number of mounting bolts utilized to secure the cover is often used to identify the type of rear end it is. The most common differentials are ten and twelve bolt.

Removing and replacing a differential cover is a relatively simple task that can normally be accomplished from start to finish in less than one hour. You will be required to place the car or truck on jack stands to provide the appropriate amount a ground clearance. You will need a drip pan available to catch the fluid as you remove the mounting bolts. The surface must be clean thoroughly prior to installing the new cover.

When you buy a replacement differential cover it must meet or exceed the OEM standards to fit and function appropriately. We depend on the cars we drive to be a reliable mode of transport for ourselves and our families and this requires quality repairs completed with quality parts. Car Parts Discount has the quality products you need to complete these quality repairs at an affordable price.