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Chevrolet Disc Brake Caliper Bolt

There are two Chevrolet Disc Brake Caliper Bolts on each wheel assembly that utilizes this type of braking system. The function of the disc brake caliper bolts is to secure the caliper to the wheel assembly so the power of the braking system can be used to its fullest potential on your Chevrolet.

The reason for the need in replacing the disc brake caliper bolts is because there are some technicians in repair shops that do not always use the correct tool to remove items like the bolts on your brake calipers. When this occurs the damage done to the disc brake caliper bolts results in them be rounded on the edges. If this happens on your vehicle not even the correct tool can be successfully used to remove them. The first attempt to use in the removal of the damaged bolt should be with a set of good line wrenches. They are like regular wrenches but with more surface area so greater contact area with the disc brake caliper bolt?s head is made possible.

In many instances the shape of the head on the bolts is so malformed that either a set of vise grips will have to be used in them to get them removed from the calipers or they will have to be drilled out to remove them from the calipers on your Chevrolet. This is the last resort for the removal of a malformed head on one or more of your Chevrolet's disc brake caliper bolts. What you should not use is the assistance of heat from a torch or other tool. The heat will damage the components on your Chevrolet?s braking system causing the cost of repairs to rise considerably.

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