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Ford Disc Brake Caliper Bolt

There are just two Ford Disc Brake Caliper Bolts that hold each of these braking components in place so they can secure this part is firmly attached to the wheel assembly. The diameter of these disc brake caliper bolts is similar in size to what holds the main bearings in place inside of a Ford engine.

The replacement of the Ford disc brake caliper bolts is generally only required because the removal of these bolts in the past was carried out with the incorrect tool. This causes the rounding of the end so eventually the use of the correct tool will no longer work on your Ford vehicle.

The replacement of the disc brake caliper bolts can be easily done during a routine brake procedure on your vehicle. If the existing disc brake caliper bolt's head is too badly damaged it might have to be removed with an easyout. This requires a hole to be drilled into the existing bolt then the easyout tool screwed into it. Since the screwing in motion is opposite of the bolt, it will grip and provide the means for the removal of the old and damaged caliper bolt.

Once the old and damaged bolt is removed, it is advisable to run the correct size tap into the hole to ensure the threads in the caliper have not been damaged in the removal process of the old bolt on the braking system of your Ford vehicle. This will help to provide peace of mind for the owner of the vehicle that the securing of the brake component by the disc brake caliper bolt will be possible. This will provide for the proper functioning of the braking system on your vehicle when its forward momentum is required to be stopped.

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