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Aftermarket & OEM Disc Brake Caliper Bracket

There are, perhaps, more exotic and interesting parts on your car than the brake caliper brackets. But when your caliper or pads don't have anything to mount to, then what good are your disc brakes? They aren't any good at all, that's for sure. If you are restoring an old car that has a problem with rust, or if the car has been in an accident on the front end, then you will likely be looking for a set of these. The brake caliper brackets can often be overlooked, because many people assume they are part of the caliper itself. While they can be purchased together, sometimes they don't need to be replaced that way. And when it comes time to fix the brakes on your old car or truck, make sure that you have this part in hand.

Disc brakes were pioneered on the race track in the 1920s and 1930s, and then added to production vehicles a few decades later. They provide a superior advantage over drums, as the disc brake calipers apply an even amount of pressure over the entire rotor rather than just outward in two directions like wheel cylinders do to drums. Plus, they behave much more reliably in rainy conditions than drum brakes do; making them the favorite on almost all cars built today. But brake calipers don't simply float above the rotor via a magical spell. The are bolted to special brake caliper brackets that are mounted to the spindle or wheel carrier behind the rotor. That way, they stay in a fixed position just out of the way of the spinning rotor. If one were to crack, the entirety of your disc brake system would be compromised.

If you have replaced your brake pads before, then you can easily replace your brake caliper brackets. There are just a couple more steps.
  • First, raise and rest your car or truck up to a comfortable working height. This could be a few inches to a few feet off the ground. Just do it safely.
  • Next, remove the wheel to expose the caliper.
  • On the back side of your brake caliper, you will find some bolts that attach it to the caliper bracket. Remove those, and remember which bolt came from each hole. They will have to go back the same way.
  • Now paying attention not to stress the hydraulic brake line, rest the caliper somewhere out of the way. When that is done, unbolt the bracket from the wheel spindle. Again, take care to remember which bolts went where.
  • Finally, replace your old caliper bracket with the new one, and reinstall all other components. Remember to use new rubber seals and grommets when you do this.

It is always best to get new brake caliper brackets when performing your installation. They are more trustworthy and will likely be stronger than used ones. At Car Parts Discount, we carry the parts you need for your brake job at prices you can afford. So why wait any longer to buy brake caliper brackets when you are looking at perfect ones on the CPD website. Your car needs to be fixed, and we are here to help.