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Acura Disc Brake Caliper

An Acura disc brake caliper is the actual heart of your braking system to help keep you and your passengers safe. This is the actual part that supplies the pressure against the rotor that brings your car to a stop. The actual manner in which your disc brake caliper works in your braking system is when the pressure of the brake fluid pushes against the piston or pistons in the caliper it moves against the pads to apply pressure to the rotors or discs. These pistons are covered with the brake pads which are the actual car part that comes in contact with the brake rotor which reduces the speed of your vehicle. The average Acura disc brake caliper will last the life time of your car. One of the conditions that will directly affect the lifespan of the caliper includes the weather conditions this part is exposed too. The pistons are sealed in place with a polymer sleeve. When exposed to salty conditions, excessive heat or old brake fluid, the seals have a tendency to crack. This is when brake fluid leaks out and the possibility of brake failure can occur. It is one of the good reasons to have your disc brake caliper inspected during each brake job your Acura has over its life time. The changing of your brake fluid periodically will also lengthen the lifespan of your calipers. This can be done during a routine brake job. There are many different disc brake calipers made for the dozen or more different Acura models. The years of models covered are from 1986 to the current models. Some of the manufactures of these quality disc brake calipers for your Acura include Dorman, Raybestos, Cardone, and Centric.

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