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Chrysler Disc Brake Caliper

The front Chrysler disc brake calipers are solely designed to bring your car to a stop when you need it too. The disc brake calipers are the end component of the hydraulic braking system on your car. They can be found behind the front wheels and on some models the rear wheels, covering both sides of the rotor. On your Chrysler, the disc brake calipers will have to be periodically changed because of the wear they all experience in the seals. The seals are what keep the hydraulic fluid in this component when the piston presses the pads against the rotors. This leak can be seen on the rotors or with the formation of a puddle of brake fluid at the inner base of the wheel. Replacement Chrysler disc brakes calipers can be either new or rebuilt parts. This repair job can be accomplished by the Chrysler owner or a qualified technician in a repair shop. The removing of generally only 2 bolts is required to take this part off along with the disconnecting of the brake hose. Once the new pads are put into place, the disc brake caliper can be placed back on your Chrysler. So that the disc brake calipers function correctly, the brake hose, caliper and lines must be bled to remove any possible air that might be trapped in this closed loop system. If the air is not removed from the disc brake calipers, the brake pedal will feel swishy and your stopping potential will be hindered. Air can be compressed in the hydraulic system while the hydraulic fluid cannot which causes the softness of the pedal felt by the driver.

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