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Dodge Disc Brake Caliper

With properly working Dodge disc brake calipers, your vehicle will be able to stop in a controlled manner. This is the location in this closed loop hydraulic system through which the pressure from the master cylinder is applied to the brake pads. There is a disc brake caliper on every wheel that has a rotor on it. All new Dodges have them on the front and many models also have them on the rear. Just like the old style wheel cylinders, the disc brake calipers have one or more pistons inside of it. Unfortunately, the seals on each piston wear over time and leak. Evidence of this type of hydraulic leak can be noticed if there is hydraulic fluid on the rotor or there is a puddle of brake fluid on the inside of the front wheel on the pavement. This fluid is clearer and thinner than motor oil. If a leak is noticed then replacement of the Dodge disc brake caliper is required. This can be a new or rebuilt component. This repair job can be completed by the Dodge owner if they have mechanical aptitude. Only one wheel at a time should be done. With the car raised and in a secured position the wheel is to be taken off. This will expose the rotor and the disc brake caliper. The brake hose connected to the caliper should be removed then the caliper itself. In most instances there are only 2 bolts. In most repair jobs of this type, brake pads are also replaced. The new disc brake caliper is then bolted into place and the brake hose is reconnected. There is a nipple on the caliper which is the opening that allows for it to be bled. This is done so all of the air trapped inside the brake hydraulic system is removed. Once completed your Dodge is ready for the road.

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