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Ford Disc Brake Caliper

It is the Ford disc brake caliper that helps you to reduce the speed at which your vehicle is traveling. On your front wheels, about two thirds of the braking pressure of the entire system is applied by these parts. The disc brake calipers are mounted over the rotors on your Ford vehicle. They are a hydraulic component that has one or more pistons that apply the pressure to the brake pads which forces the rotors to slow down. It is the seal around the pistons in the disc brake caliper that will wear out over time. When the seal in the Ford disc brake caliper begins to leak fluid, a puddle can be seen on the inside portion of the front wheels. It can also get on the disc itself reducing the amount of friction being applied to the disc. It is possible to rebuild the disc brake caliper, but knowledge and the right tools are required. Most Ford owners just purchase a new or rebuilt caliper from an auto parts store. The replacement of this part only requires the removal of the wheel then the caliper. Once the old disc brake caliper is removed, the new one can be put into place. This requires that the brake hose be disconnected from the caliper and reattached to the new part. This opens the hydraulic system on the Ford vehicle and allows air to enter. Because of the closed loop brake hydraulic system being opened, the air will have to be bled from the system. This is accomplished by pressure being applied to the brake system once all of the parts are back in place. The nipple on top of the caliper is then loosened and the air can escape. When only brake fluid is coming out of the nipple the bleeding process is completed.

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