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Honda Disc Brake Caliper

The pressure the Honda disc brake calipers apply to the brake pads is what gives the driver the power to stop their vehicle. This is the braking component that takes hydraulic power and converts it to a simple mechanical motion. The brake calipers on your Honda are high quality parts that are built to last. The weak link in this part is the polymer seal that surrounds the piston. This is the seal that holds the brake fluid in place and has a tendency to crack over time. This is just the nature of a flexible polymer; it will dry out over time and will lose the integrity that made it an effective sealing component. When the Honda disc brake caliper is in need of being replaced, fluid will be seen on the disc and on the pavement below this braking component. The way the brake pedal feels when the driver's foot applies pressure to it will also change. When there is a leak in the disc brake caliper, the brake pedal will have to travel farther and will continue to move because the brake fluid is leaking out. Some would describe it as a soft pedal. If any of these conditions are noticed by the driver of a vehicle, then an inspection of the disc brake caliper is warranted. There are new disc brake calipers and there are ones that have been rebuilt with new seals in them ready to be put on your Honda vehicle. This repair job can be done by a mechanical shop or the Honda owner. The time required to replace one of these brake parts, from beginning to end, will be about an hour.

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