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Hyundai Disc Brake Caliper

The location of your Hyundai disc brake calipers is right over the rotors that the wheels are connected to. This braking component provides the force and the power that stops your vehicle. The disc brake caliper is the component that receives the hydraulic pressure when the brake pedal is being pushed down by the Hyundai driver. The Hyundai disc brake calipers are made out of metal except for the seal on the piston. It is this seal that wears out in time and requires the disc brake caliper to be rebuilt or replaced. Indications of the seal going bad includes fluid being deposited on the rotor and a puddle on the inside of the wheel on the pavement. It can also be felt by the driver when the brake pedal is being pushed by a soft or cushioned feeling. The replacement of the disc brake caliper is can be done by the Hyundai owner or a mechanic. The process only involves lifting the car up and removing the wheel. The brake hose is the first component to be removed then the two mounting bolts on the caliper. Once the old one is removed, the fluid can be clearly visible coming from the seal around the piston. The new caliper can then be mounted once all the brake fluid is cleaned up. If the brake pads have less than 1/4" of padding on them they should also be replaced at this time. Make sure if you replace the pads on one side, the other side should also be done. Once the disc brake caliper is in place on your Hyundai, the brake hose has to be bled to remove any air that has entered this system. This is accomplished with pressure on the braking system and the nipple on top of the caliper being opened.

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