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Isuzu Disc Brake Caliper

It is the Isuzu Disc Brake Calipers that are capable of converting hydraulic pressure to a mechanical motion so the creation of friction can be accomplished. The disc brake calipers are mounted over the discs so the pads can be in position to create the necessary friction against the discs to stop the Isuzu vehicle when it is desired by the driver.

The disc brake calipers are made of solid metal with a cylinder inside where the piston travels. It is this piston's movement that is the creation of the mechanical motion from the hydraulic pressure that makes the braking system work on your vehicle. Around this piston is a polymer seal that is in place to hold back the hydraulic fluid so it does not leak out.

It is the polymer seal in the Isuzu disc brake caliper that will split causing a leak of hydraulic fluid that leads to brake failure. This occurs over time because of the stress exerted on the polymer seal from the hydraulic pressure in the system. The only solution for this type of situation is the replacement of the disc brake caliper on your Isuzu.

The driver will become aware of this situation when the brake pedals travels farther towards the floor during the stopping procedure and there is brake fluid on the rotor and on the pavement below the leaking caliper. The only solution is the replacement of the disc brake caliper. This repair procedure is as easy as loosening the brake line and placing the new caliper in place during a routine brake procedure. Because the hydraulic system is open, the air will also have to be bled for the system before the Isuzu is ready for the road again.

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