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Jeep Disc Brake Caliper

The stopping power of the Jeep disc brake calipers is determined by the force being applied by the driver through the brake pedal. The disc brake calipers react to the action of the brake pedal being depressed by receiving hydraulic pressure. The component in the Jeep brake disc caliper that moves is the piston. There are seals on this piston that most commonly wear out over time resulting in the brake fluid leaking out of this otherwise closed loop system. This is when replacement or rebuilding of your brake disc caliper is required on your Jeep. This brake fluid leaking can be felt in the brake pedal by the system not being able to maintain pressure. The leak causes the brake pedal to continue to move towards the floor when pressure is being applied because of the hydraulic fluid leaking past the seal in the brake disc caliper on your Jeep. A puddle of clear thin oil will also appear on the pavement from the leak located on the inside of the wheels when the vehicle is parked. This fluid is easy to distinguish as not motor oil because it is cleaner and thinner. The replacement of this braking component is simple. With the wheel removed, the brake hose will have to be disconnected then the two mounting bolts removed. This will allow for the brake disc caliper to come off and the new one put into its place on your Jeep. It is recommended that new brake pads be added at this time since you already have the system apart. The other front wheel should also have new brake pads installed. Once the new brake component is mounted, the closed loop braking system must be bled of any air trapped in it. This is accomplished by pressure being applied at the brake pedal and opening the bleeder screw on the top of the caliper.

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