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Lincoln Disc Brake Caliper

The task of applying pressure to both sides of the disc is the responsibility of the Lincoln Disc Brake Caliper. The conversion of hydraulic pressure to mechanical motion is how the disc brake caliper applies the force which presses the disc brake pads against the rotors in stopping your Lincoln.

Inside of each disc brake caliper is just one moving part. This part is the piston which is forced outwards when pressure is applied through the brake lines. To contain the brake fluid in the disc brake caliper there is a polymer seal around the end of the piston where it moves outward from the caliper housing. The polymer component of the Lincoln disc brake caliper is the part that will leak causing this component to fail.

The polymer seal fails due to the stresses placed on it over time in the performance of its responsibility of holding back high levels of pressure the brake fluid places on it. This is why in time a disc brake caliper will leak fluid and be in need of replacement on a Lincoln.

If a person can replacing the disc brake pads, then they are equipped to replace the caliper as well. The only additional steps include the disconnecting of the brake line from the caliper and the attaching of the new one on the Lincoln vehicle.

The last step involved when performing a disc brake caliper replacement is the bleeding of the brake system. With pressure built up in the system by a person depressing the brake pedal, the nipple on the top of the caliper is opened. This releases the trapped air in the brake line and caliper. This usually has to be repeated several times until all of the air is removed from the system.

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