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Mazda Disc Brake Caliper

The ability to convert hydraulic pressure to mechanical motion is the purpose of the Mazda disc brake caliper. This is the end component of the front braking system on your vehicle. The actual process of converting the hydraulic pressure to mechanical motion is possible because of the piston in the disc brake caliper. As hydraulic pressure is forced into this component, the piston is forced outward. This is what applies the pressure to the brake pads so friction can be created on the brake rotors; ultimately stopping the Mazda vehicle. Every component of the disc brake caliper is made of metal except for the polymer seal that is placed around the piston and the cylinder wall. It is this seal that will crack in time causing the hydraulic fluid to leak out. This will require the Mazda disc brake caliper to be in need of rebuilding or replacing. Symptoms of a leaking disc brake caliper will be a noticeable softness when pressure is being applied to the brake pedal, along with a puddle of brake fluid on the pavement near a wheel of the Mazda. Replacing a disc brake caliper is easy and can be completed in about than an hour by any experienced mechanic. The only critical process in this procedure is the last step. This is the removing of all the air that is trapped in the braking system. This is referred to as bleeding the brakes. It will remove all of the air so only hydraulic fluid will remain in the braking system on your Mazda so it will have its full stopping potential available for the driver when it is required to bring the vehicle to a standstill.

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