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Oldsmobile Disc Brake Caliper

The mechanical movement of the Oldsmobile disc brake caliper is what applies the pressure to the brake pads so friction can be created. It is this creation of friction that slows and stops the Oldsmobile's motion. The disc brake caliper is fitted to be placed around the brake disc on your Oldsmobile. The brake pads are placed on both sides of the interior in the disc brake calipers. Hydraulic pressure is created in the master cylinder, and sent to the caliper which moves the piston outward forcing the pads against the smooth surface of the disc surface. Friction and heat are generated, absorbing the energy of your wheels and rotors. The only component on a disc brake caliper that can fail is the seal around the piston. This is made of a polymer that in time will wear out and possibly crack. This permits hydraulic fluid to leak out and reduce the effectiveness of the pressure the brake system is applying to stop the vehicle's motion. When this leak begins, the owner of the Oldsmobile will notice the brake pedal is softer and a greater travel length of it to apply the same amount of brake pressure is necessary. They will also be able to see a small puddle of brake fluid on the pavement near the blown seal. The only solution to this dilemma is the replacement of the disc brake caliper. After the wheel is removed, access to the Oldsmobile disc brake caliper is possible. The first connection to remove is the brake hose. Care must be taken to ensure this brake component is not damaged when the bolt is removed so no cracks will be made in the polymer section of it. Then the mounting bolts of the disc brake caliper can be removed and the component replaced in reverse order.

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