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Plymouth Disc Brake Caliper

It is the duty of the Plymouth disc brake calipers to force the brake pads against the discs so friction can be created. It is this friction that reduces the forward momentum of your Plymouth and makes it possible to stop your car in a more controlled fashion. The disc brake caliper is a device that uses hydraulic pressure to move a piston so mechanical motion can be effectively applied to where it is needed. This motion very evenly forces the brake pads against the disc, absorbing kinetic energy from the wheels and slowing down the vehicle. The disc brake calipers are made of metal except for the component that surrounds the piston. This is a polymer seal that eventually cracks and splits due to continuous wear as it moves in and out during the stopping procedure of your Plymouth. When this happens, the driver will notice that the pressure they feel in the brake pedal will be at a reduced level. They also might notice that the brake pedal has had to move farther to stop the vehicle. When this is felt, the driver of the Plymouth should then investigate the braking problem by first looking for a puddle of brake fluid under the vehicle. If there is a puddle near the front wheels, then the disc brake calipers should be a primary suspect in the braking problem. The replacing of the Plymouth disc brake calipers can be accomplished in less than an hour. It involves removing the wheel, one brake hose and two mounting bolts. Today's vehicle owners can find a wide assortment of replacement parts that will include new and rebuilt disc brake calipers that are well suited to perform the required action so your vehicle can be safely drive on the road.

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