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Saturn Disc Brake Caliper

The Saturn Disc Brake Calipers push the brake pads against the rotors which creates the friction necessary for the vehicle to be slowed or stopped at the driver's request. The only moving parts in the disc brake calipers on your Saturn in this brake component is the piston which converts the hydraulic peruse to mechanical motion so the pressure in the creation of the friction is possible.

There is a disc brake caliper on each front wheel assembly of your Saturn. The moving piston in the cylinder of this brake component requires a seal around it so the hydraulic fluid can remain contained in this closed loop system. It is this polymer seal that fails over time by becoming cracked. When this occurs, a puddle of brake fluid can be found at the base of the wheel assembly.

The driver of the vehicle will notice the brake pedal becoming soft and has an increase amount of movement towards the floor of the vehicle when pressure is applied when the seal has a rupture in it. This is the consequence of the fluid leaking out of the disc brake caliper. The braking process will not be immediately effected until the reservoir of the brake fluid in the brake master cylinder is depleted and air begins to enter this otherwise closed loop system negatively effecting the workings of the disc brake caliper. This is when the brake pedal will become soft and squishy.

The replacement of the Saturn disc brake caliper is the only way to resolve this problem of leaking hydraulic fluid in your brake system. Once it is replaced, the hydraulic brake fluid system will have to be bled of air before the system can be restored to its full potential. Then the Saturn is ready to be returned to operational status and the driver safe to operate the vehicle once again on the road.

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