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Acura Disc Brake Pads

The purpose for the Acura disc brake pads is to apply the pressure against the brake rotors to bring your car to a stop without damaging the rotors. They are made out of asbestos or carbon fiber in most instances. They are held in place on the pads backing with the use of rivets or bolded with a super adhesive that handles extreme pressure and heat so they will not disengage from their base. The disc brake pads are only used in combination with calipers on disc brakes. If you have drums in the rear of your Acura then you are in need of brake shoes. The disc brake pads are used inside of the calipers. There is always a pair that has to be mounted to each side of the rotor. Because of the brake bias placing the majority of the stopping potential of your Acura on the front brake system, the disc brake pads wear out twice as fast as the pads or shoes in the rear of your car. We offer hundreds of different sets of Acura disc brake pads made for all of the different models of this car manufacturer. This covers all the models made from 1986 through present day. Models made in the future will add to this list of available parts and manufacturers that presently include Brembo, Raybestos, Monroe, Bosch, Beck Arnley, and Mintex. Most of the disc brake pads have a small warning piece that will begin scraping on the rotor before the pads actual wear out. If this warning is ignored, damage could result to the rotor and possible the caliber itself making your Acura unsafe to drive.