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The use of Audi Disc Brake Pads on your Bavarian made automobile are exclusively since the end of the 1980 when Audi decided to equip all of their models of cars with only disc brakes and eliminated the rear drums from them. The term disc brake pads are solely used for disc brakes. They can also be just called pads. If you hear your mechanic say he is going to replace the shoes on your Audi, start asking questions immediately unless you have a model made back in the 1980. The disc brake pads are the component of your braking system that fits on the inside of your calipers. They come in a matching pair and are used to only squeeze against the rotors of your car to bring the wheels to a stop or slow them down for a curve or corner. The high quality replacement disc brake pads used for your make and model are specifically made for your car. The material used for them can be carbon fiber, asbestos or a composite material. They are mounted on a steel end plate by means of rivets or an industrial strength adhesive so they are securely held into place independent of the load placed on them by the driver. The Audi Disc Brake Pads from the factory along with many of their replacements on the aftermarket products have a warning bar placed on them. This is a small piece of metal that begins to rub against the brake rotor when the pads are entering the last of their life cycle. When driving your Audi, if you hear this lite grinding sound then the replacing of your disc brake pads is required. Failure to adhere to this warning could result in the rivets and backing of the pads to dig into the rotors and cause permanent damage to them and possibly overall brake failure while you are on the road.

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