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Cadillac Disc Brake Pads

All of the Cadillac disc brake pads are made to help stop your luxury car in a controlled and safe manner. The disc brake pads are located in the front calipers of all Cadillac models and on all four wheels for the models that have four wheel disc brakes. In the braking system of your Cadillac, the calipers apply pressure to the disc brake pads so they make contact with the rotors. This friction is what stops your car and causes the pads to wear over time. How aggressively one drives and how often they are forced to slow down or stop will determine just how often your Cadillac disc brake pads need to be replaced. The disc brake pads on the front of your vehicle have twice the pressure applied to them as the brakes on the rear wheels of the vehicle. It is because of this brake bias that the front brakes have to be checked and the pads replaced usually twice as often as those on the rear of your car. The brake dust is a compost material which is what the disc brake pads are currently made from, unlike the asbestos material in the past. While not a cancer causing agent, it is still advised to limit your exposure to this fine dust. The warning sign that your Cadillac requires a brake job would be when the warning plate on the pad begins to rub against the rotors and makes a slight grinding noise. If this warning is ignored to long of a period, the mounting plate, the pads are attached too will begin to make contact with the rotors and impair your vehicle's ability to stop correctly. Any metal to metal sound made while braking should be inspected by a qualified technician in which the owner of the car should be prepared for a brake job to be necessary.

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