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It is the Chrysler disc brake pads that do all the grunt work bringing your car to a stop. Unfortunately, they wear out over time. The life expectancy of the disc brake pads has many determining factors. The frequency your Chrysler is driven along with the aggressiveness of the braking style of the driver is the two biggest factors. The disc brake pads can easily be replaced by the owner of the Chrysler with just a few simple tools. Once the car is securely lifted and blocks put in place, the wheel can be removed. The two bolts holding the brakes caliper in place they should then be removed and the old disc brake pads removed. With a large C clamp the caliper piston should be depressed back into the cylinder. This will increase the brake fluid level in the master cylinder so remove the cover of it and make sure it does not overflow and damage the paint on your Chrysler. The rotor should also be inspected to make sure the surface that makes contact with the disc brake pads is smooth. If there are grooves present, it will have to be turned or replaced. A little bit of stop squeal or silicone gasket sealant should be placed on the rear backing plates of the new disc brake pads so they will not vibrate and cause a noise when the brakes are applied. Reinsert the bolts holding the caliper to the spindle of your car and replace the wheel. With the master cylinder cover sealed again you should press the brake pedal. This will bring the piston in contact with the new Chrysler disc brake pads you just placed on your car in contact with the rotor. Because the closed loop hydraulic brake system was not opened, the brakes do not need to be bleed.

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