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Eagle Disc Brake Pads

The changing of the Eagle Disc Brake Pads is determined by the smoothness of the discs on the vehicle and the aggressiveness of the driver when they apply the brakes to stop the vehicle. Generally the only time the discs are damaged is when the disc brake pads are permitted to wear out past their normal replacement point. This is when the metal backing plate makes direct contact with the disc cutting grooves in the otherwise smooth surface of this braking component.

To know about the correct time for the replacement of the Eagle disc brake pads, the owner of the vehicle can observe the fluid level in the brake master cylinder. As the disc brake pads wear on your Eagle vehicle the piston in the caliper moves out to compensate for the loss of material on the pads. This movement draws hydraulic fluid from the master cylinder. When the brake master cylinder's reservoir appears to be in need of filling up, the disc brake pads are sufficiently wore to the point that replacement is recommended. This observation should be periodically completed on the Eagle when the other components under the hood are inspected. This inspection should also include the condition of the coolant hoses and drive belt along with the many other fluid levels that should be checked regularly.

The replacement of the disc brake pads on the front end of your Eagle does not require the brake hydraulic system to be opened so there is no need to bleed the system after it is completed. The time required for this brake procedure to be completed is generally less than half an hour if the parts are already on hand by the owner.

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