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The friction from the Ford disc brake pads rubbing on the rotors is what brings your vehicle to a stop. These brake parts are meant to wear out over time as a function of their purpose. Because of that, replacement is required when necessary. The first indication a Ford driver can notice that their front disc brake pads are becoming worn over time is to look at the rear reservoir in the master cylinder. As the pads wear down, the piston in the caliper moves out using more brake fluid to keep in contact with the rotor. This is why the fluid level drops. When the brake fluid is only filling about half of the reservoir, the front disc brake pads should be checked on your car or truck. If there is less than a 1/4" of pads left then replacement is warranted before the backing plate comes in contact with the rotor causing damage. If this procedure is not done and the Ford disc brake pads wear out, the backing plate will make contact with the rotor causing a metal to metal grinding noise that the driver can hear. The longer this sound is heard, the more damage is being done to the rotor. A Ford owner can easily replace the disc brake pads with just a few tools. All that is required is for the wheel to be taken off then the brake caliper. Once the caliper is off, the top of the master cylinder has to be removed and the piston in the caliper pushed back in. This will cause the fluid level to rise in the master cylinder. With anti squeak applied to the new disc brake pads they are ready to be placed in the caliper and the parts taken off put back in place. Then the Ford car or truck is ready to be operated on the road.