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Honda Disc Brake Pads

The material Honda disc brake pads are made from is made to disintegrate slowing over time as pressure is applied to them. This can be seen by the amount of brake dust around the calipers and wheels on your Honda. The reason this material is used makes it possible for the disc brake pads to have a high amount of pressure applied to them so they can make contact with the rotor surface without damage occurring to either component. The disc brake pads are forced against the metal portion of the disc which is what slows down your Honda when you depress the brake pedal. The driver of a Honda can determine the amount of the disc brake pads that are left on their vehicle by looking into the back reservoir of the brake master cylinder. This is the fluid that is used for the front disc brake system. The lower the brake fluid level is the greater the distance the piston in the brake caliper has had to travel to compensate for the reduction in the thickness of the Honda disc brake pads. When it appears that more fluid should be added because the level is nearing the bottom, it is time for your vehicle to have a brake job on it to replace the pads. The replacement of the disc brake pads is a simple procedure where the hydraulic system does not have to be opened. The only action you will have with that system is the pushing of the caliper piston back in which in turn will raise the level of the brake fluid in the reservoir. Both sets of pads on your vehicle can be changed and have you back on the road again in about an hour.

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