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Infiniti Disc Brake Pads

The Infiniti Disc Brake Pads are the periodical replacement components on your braking system that creates the friction required to stop you vehicle. The disc brake pads are composed of a composite material mounted on metal backing plates so they can be placed on your Infiniti vehicle.

When your Infiniti goes into a repair shop for a brake job, it is the disc brake pads that are replaced on the front wheel assemblies. This is necessary since the disc brake pads turn to dust in minute amounts each time the brake are applied by the driver. This occurs because the pads are composed of a slightly softer material than the discs so neither brake component is damaged in the creation of the required friction to stop you vehicle.

The observant Infiniti owner will know when it is time to change their pads by watching the fluid level in the brake master cylinder. The rear reservoir in this brake component is the fluid that supplies the front brake assemblies. As the piston in the brake caliper moves out in compensation for the loss of material on the Infiniti disc brake pads, the level of brake fluid in the master cylinder decreases lowering the level in the reservoir. When it appears more fluid should be added to the reservoir, it is time for a brake job and the replacement of the pads.

If this observation is not made and the disc brake pads are allowed to wear out, then the metal backing plate they are mounted too will come in contact with the brake discs. This will make a load grinding sound when the grooves are cut into the discs by this metal to metal action damaging both components.

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