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Mazda Disc Brake Pads

There are two disc brake pads mounted to the inside of each brake caliper on your Mazda. The ability of the Mazda disc brake pads to provide friction without damaging your rotor surfaces is what makes the whole braking system on your vehicle possible. The disc brake pads are made to turn to dust over time as pressure is applied to them from the piston in the brake caliper. This pressure is applied against the disc and is what brings the vehicle to a stop. Since the material the disc brake pads are made from is softer than the metal rotor, no damage occurs to either the rotor of the pads during this braking process. The replacing of the Mazda disc brake pads can be accomplished in less than an hour with an experienced person turning the wrenches. It only requires the lifting of the car in the air with the wheels taken off. Then the calipers are removed and the disc brake pads taken out and replaced with new ones. Since the sealed closed loop hydraulic system on the Mazda is not opened, the brake lines do not need to be bled for this procedure to be carried out properly. The only two things that should be known about this repair procedure on a Mazda is first the brake master cylinder should have the lid taken off so the piston in the caliper can be pushed easily back in. This provides more space for the pads to be placed in the proper position. The pads should also have the back side of them coated with an anti-squeak material. This can be either a paper like pad or a silicone based material. It will prevent the pads from vibrating during the braking process which has been known to create a high pitched noise that is really annoying, but is causing no damage to the braking components.