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The disposable Mitsubishi disc brake pads are what make it possible to stop your vehicle; as components make direct contact with each other, no damage occurs. The contact is the disc brake pads causing friction against the discs on the wheel assembly. The disc brake pads are found inside of the brake calipers on each wheel that utilizes disc brakes. Today, most Mitsubishi cars and trucks use them. The material they are made from is just softer than the metal that the discs are constructed from. This allows for friction between them to be created when contact is made, but no damage to either braking component occurs... the pads are simply worn down over time. The force that is applied to the disc brake pads is mechanically powered by the brake caliper which converts the hydraulic pressure to mechanical motion. This is how the pressure being applied to the brake pedal stops your Mitsubishi. Unless the wheel assembly is taken apart, the remaining amount of the friction material on your Mitsubishi disc brake pads may not be exactly known. An alternative to knowing the amount of disc brake pad material that is left is to look in the brake master cylinder of your vehicle. The rear reservoir is for the front brakes and the front reservoir is for the rear brakes. As the piston in the caliper moves out as the pads wear, it uses more brake fluid causing the amount in the brake reservoir to drop. Once the fluid level appears too low and more should be added, it is definitely close to the time a brake job should be carried out on your Mitsubishi. What also should be noted is that because of the brake bias on the vehicle, the front pads will wear twice as fast as those on the rear of your vehicle.

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