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Saturn Disc Brake Pads

Inside of the brake calipers on this make of vehicle are the Saturn disc brake pads. These are the contact components that will be forced against the brake rotors which will bring your Saturn to a halt. There are two disc brake pads that apply force to each side of the disc-like surface of your brake rotors. This, in effect, creates a squeezing force that stops the rotation of the rotors and brings your vehicle to a controlled stop. When the engineers designed this disc braking system, the intention was to create components that would create friction and heat without destroying any of the parts that are in direct contact with each other. This includes the disc brake pads and rotors. Unlike the old brake shoes used on drum braking systems that utilized asbestos as their friction material, the new disc brake pads also have ceramics and tiny metallic fragments incorporated into them. The Saturn vehicles utilize this new development so their disc brake pads last longer and are more productive in creating the required friction in the braking system. All material that is made into Saturn disc brake pads has two characteristics in common. They all turn to dust when they encounter friction on the brake rotors. They also are softer than the metal rotors they come in contact with. This way none of the braking components are damaged on your vehicle when you need it to stop. The replacement of the disc brake pads on your Saturn is determined by the aggressiveness of the driver's braking while it is on the road. To know when this time is approaching, the owner of the vehicle can look into the brake master cylinder. When the reservoir is low, so is the braking material on the pads.

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