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Suzuki Disc Brake Pads

The ability of the Suzuki disc brake pads to wear down at a slow and consistent rate when they are creating friction is why the braking system on your vehicle can last for thousands of miles before replacement of parts is required. The disc brake pads are made out of a composite material that can contain organic, ceramic, or metallic ingredients. This composite material is very hard and durable, but softer than the metal surfaces it will rub against on the disc brake rotors on your Suzuki. This is why the brake pads wear and turn to dust during the braking action on your vehicle. As the Suzuki disc brake pads turn to dust, the piston in the brake caliper has to move outwards. This in turn draws additional brake fluid from the master cylinder on your Suzuki. As the disc brake pads wear over time this movement of the piston increases along with the amount of brake fluid necessary to occupy the space in the cylinder of the caliper. This is why the brake fluid level in the reservoir of the brake master cylinder will drop in between brake jobs. A knowledgeable Suzuki owner will be aware of this fact and keep an eye on the brake fluid level in the master cylinders reservoir. When it appears to be close to the bottom, this indicates to the owner of the vehicle that the disc brake pads are mostly gone and will be in need of replacement very soon. If this warning sign is not heeded then the padding material on the disc brake pads will totally wear out and the metal backing plate they are attached to will come in contact with the brake rotors causing severe damage to them.

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