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Volkswagen Super Beetle Distributor Cap

Why you drive your Super Beetle.

Select Your VehicleVolkswagen car, truck, or SUV enthusiasts have come to expect a certain level of European styling when driving their Super Beetle around town. Make no mistake, you bought your Super Beetle because you understood you would be getting good looks and trusted quality both impeccably combined into one vehicle. When your Volkswagen Super Beetle left the factory, it was destined for a person with discerning taste who values a variety of special options in their automobile. Auto enthusiasts appreciate the economy built into each Volkswagen, and know that only top quality replacement Super Beetle parts will suffice when maintenance needs to be done.

Don't go too long without fixing your Distributor Cap... here's why.

Without the properly working ignition timing system developed for the internal combustion engine, our engines would have to be all electric. One durable part in your Volkswagen Super Beetle engine that cannot fight the rust or pitting that results from its operation is your distributor cap. It provides the contacts for your spark plug wires. There is a rotor underneath your Volkswagen Super Beetle distributor cap that gets charged by your ignition coil, whichever post is making contact with the rotor will be charged and current will be sent to the appropriate wire.

Your automotive desires .

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