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Buick LeSabre Distributor Rotor

Why you drive your LeSabre.

Obviously, you didn't buy your LeSabre unless you wanted to buy efficiency and American style both impeccably combined into one automobile. When your Buick LeSabre left the factory, it was destined for a person with discerning taste who wants a trusted name in their automobile. The vehicle in your driveway symbolizes the best in class when it comes to all the cars, trucks, and SUVs in today's marketplace. Your Buick dealership isn't the only place to buy genuine or original equipment quality repair parts to fix your LeSabre.

Don't go too long without fixing your Distributor Rotor... here's why.

Without the properly working ignition timing system developed for the internal combustion engine, there would be no way to generate enough power for efficient operation. One durable part in your Buick LeSabre engine that is destined to corrode from the beginning is your distributor rotor. As your camshaft turns the distributor, your Buick LeSabre distributor rotor is turned in synch. The distributor rotor receives a charge from the ignition coil and transfers it to one of several posts on the cap, so whichever post it is under gets the current and sends it through the spark plug wire to the plug.

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Buick LeSabre Distributor Rotor, OEM: DR311
SMP Distributor Rotor DR311
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Buick LeSabre
Buick LeSabre, 4.9L 4917CC 300Cu. In. V8
Buick LeSabre, 5.6L 5573CC 340Cu. In. V8
Buick LeSabre, 5.7L 5735CC 350Cu. In. V8
Buick LeSabre, 6.0L 5967CC 364Cu. In. V8
Buick LeSabre, 6.6L 6572CC 401Cu. In. V8
Buick LeSabre, 7.0L 6966CC 425Cu. In. V8
Buick LeSabre Distributor Rotor, OEM: DR318
SMP Distributor Rotor DR318
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OEM: DR318, Item: 314909
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Buick LeSabre
Buick LeSabre, 3.8L 3791CC 231Cu. In. V6
Buick LeSabre, 4.1L 4129CC 252Cu. In. V6
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Buick LeSabre, 4.9L 4933CC 301Cu. In. V8
Buick LeSabre, 5.0L 5026CC 307Cu. In. V8
Buick LeSabre, 5.7L 5735CC 350Cu. In. V8