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The Ford distributor was a required component of the ignition system for many decades. Today's engines now have the spark initiated by the onboard computer, but the older models still need this vital component. The ignition distributor on a Ford engine is located in the on top of the motor, either in front or behind the intake manifold. It is driven by a shaft that is connected to the camshaft by way of a small gear. This provides the correct timing for distributor rotor so the spark for each cylinder can be maintained. This is the section of this ignition component that tends to wear out in time. The wear can be on the shaft seal but in most instances it is the gear that drives the Ford distributor is what is worn; causing the timing of the engine to be thrown off. The distributor is held into place on your Ford engine with a plate and bolt near where the shaft enters the motor. The distributor cap should be removed but the ignition wires left attached. This way the technician or owner does not need to figure out which wire goes where when it is put back into place. The alignment of the engine should be at top dead center so the correct placement of this auto part can be easily accomplished. It also makes it possible for the timing to be set so the engine will fire up after the repairs are completed. The cap and rotor should also be inspected for wear and replaced if the contact points show any signs of pitting from the flow of electricity through them. Then you are ready to fire up your Ford and commence driving down the road.

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