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The spark from the Honda distributor is what provides the timing of the electrical charge so ignition and combustion in each cylinder will occur when necessary. The distributor on your old Honda is a component that was used in the past, but has been replaced on new Honda models. Its job is now accomplished by the onboard computer's ignition control module. The distributor on the engine under the hood of your vehicle has many moving parts that can wear out over time. There is a gear at the bottom of the distributor that is driven by the camshaft, along with the small cam that closes the points charging a rotor. At the same time the points close, the cam turns the charged rotor so that it makes contact to terminals under the cap sending the electrical signal to each spark plug in correct order. The timing of this spark generation is also set by the position of the distributor as compared to the engines rotation. All of these components must be in proper working order with or the timing will be adversely affected on your Honda. Before your Honda distributor is removed, the engine's crank and camshaft have to be placed in top dead center position. It has to be done so the new distributor can be placed back in the engine in the same position. This makes it possible for the spark being generated for each cylinder to be lined up with its compression stroke. It is this timing that is very critical. If you place this ignition component just one tooth off on the cam, the engine will not fire up or run. Most Honda owners will take their vehicle to a shop for the distributor to be replaced. If you get it wrong, it is a time consuming process to correct this situation.

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